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Darkest Radio Episode 91 with Eric Miller and Matt Farnsworth!!

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This week we journey into our favorite genre, HORROR! Big shocker from us right kiddies? This week’s Darkest Radio has two very ghoulish guests dropping by The Mansion! First we have the very talented ERIC MILLER! He is the twisted editorial mind behind the new book “HELL COMES TO HOLLYWOOD“! A TERROR-ific collection of KILLER short stories be some of Hollywood’s most talented writers! A must have for horror fiends like yourselves! Darkest Jack will be dissecting him and getting all the graveyard dirt on this MURDER-piece!

Then we have the writer and director of the critically acclaimed new slasher film, THE ORPHAN KILLER! None other then the FANG-tastic MATT FARNSWORTH! This film is taking the world by brutal fury! So brutal in fact that it’s be banned in Germany! It’s a slasher film to DIE for! Do you want all the gory details? Of-corpse you do, and Jack is going to pry them out of Matt’s demented mind just for you creeps! This is a show stitched together for you macabre lovers out there!

Plus, we will be spinning that Dark Alternative music you know and loath! Music from these KILLER bands: Nachtmarh, Skinny Puppy, Alice, Bloodpenny, Christian Death, The Misfits, Alice Cooper, Pantera, Pop Will Eat Itself, Igor Spectre, Wednesday 13, Devilin, Peeling Grey, The Sacred Spiders, First Blood, Dawn Of Ashes, Art Diktator. It’s 2 hours of frights you wont want to miss!

Tomb in  LIVE EVERY Sunday at 9pm PST (12am EST/5am GMT) only on:

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The Orphan Killer's Matt Farnsworth chats all things TOK!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012 by HorrorFix   Filed in: Exclusives | Movie News

Orphan Killer creator Matt Farnsworth was kind enough to hop on the horn and discuss all things TOK. Matt gave us 40 min out of his tireless marketing campaign of the film to discuss the creative process, his thoughts on horror and upcoming Orphan Killer news. Listen to the audio here!

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The Orphan Killer Monsters Interview

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 Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster from The Orphan Killer

One of the cool things about attending horror conventions is getting to meet all of the independent film makers that attend these shows from all across the country.  I met two people at the recent Blood On The Beach convention, Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster.  Matt directed and Diane starred in the film The Orphan Killer.  The film centers around Marcus Miller who seeks revenge on his sister for forgetting about him after she was adopted and he was left to grow up in a orphanage alone.  I have seen the movie and it is one of the best indie films that I have seen in a very long time.  Marcus Miller could stand up there along side Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers with no problem at all.  If you have seen the film I am sure that you will agree with me.  If you haven’t seen it be sure to visit The Orphan Killer website and get yourself a copy.  Now enjoy our interview with Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster.

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The Orphan Killer Radio Dungeon

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 Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster Enter The Dungeon of Deadly Delight

By   June 18th, 2012

Hey there, Orphan Killers! Welcome once again to another installment of The Dungeon of Deadly Delights! In the past four weeks alone, we have had over 100,000 listeners! So thank you from the bottom of my dark heart!

This week was another killer episode as we spoke to Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster of the horror phenomenon known as The Orphan Killer. If you have not seen this movie... what are you waiting for? It is one of the best horror films released in a very long time. Matt is a visionary and Diane is one of the greatest horror actresses you will ever witness. Believe me.

We spoke about Marcus Miller, origins, Catholicism, as well as sequels! And wait to hear what is in store for "Apocalypse" Amy and myself when the story continues! You can pick up region-free DVD's and Blu-rays of the film, t-shirts, and official replica Marcus Miller masks at The Orphan Killer store. You can even get a replica of the killer's mask! You will not believe the care put into this mask! The best part? It's signed!

That's it for my insanity. Join us this week when we celebrate the original Wishmaster with director Bob Kurtzman and the Djinn himself, Andrew Divoff! "As you wish." I'll scare ya later!

The Dungeon of Deadly Delights is brought to you by Forbidden Pictures as well as Creature Corps and the official Steph Sciullo website, along with Doug Bradley's Spine Chillers and clothing and apparel company Se7en Deadly.

Be sure to listen live every Sinister Saturday at 11:00 pm ET/8:00 pm PT on Jackalope 105.

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Orphan Killer (Rabbit in Red Interview)

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RIR S3 Ep20: The Orphan Killer Interview

Were right back at it this week and what a lovely week it is. We do a little bit of everything this week,one of which is a breakdown of how the Character 64 will work. then at 46 minutes we get into our Orphan Killer Interview with writer director Matt Farnsworth. 

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Matt Farnsworth offers an update on the future of The Orphan Killer…

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Matt Farnsworth’s gory slasher flick The Orphan Killer is a perfect example of how closely knit and passionate the horror community can be.

The Orphan Killer is an independent film that has grown largely by word-of-mouth, social networking sites and the tireless promotional efforts of Farnsworth, the brains behind the film.

It’s become a huge success and that success shows no sign of abating.

We last spoke to Matt back in January off the back of our review of The Orphan Killer and since then, the TOKmachine has kicked up a notch, with Farnsworth announcing a Kickstarter funding drive in support of a feature length documentary charting the making of The Orphan Killer and Marcus Miller’s rise to becoming a new horror icon.

However, within a week, a private investor swooped in and funded the documentary. Another success.

So, I thought I should get back in touch with Matt Farnsworth and unearth a little more about the documentary and find out the latest on the sequel.

Huge thanks (or should that be Bloody Thanks?) to Matt for taking the time to answer our questions…again.

Q – What prompted the decision to make a documentary on TOK?

Matt Farnsworth – We have over 100 hours of behind the scenes footage from the film and it is brutally exquisite.I decided to make the documentary called Behind The Murder based on this amazing footage and my access to the star cast. We plan on doing some crazy stunts for fans. Also the fact that I want to iron out the sequel and make it great. The bar was set very high with the first TOK. I plan to match it. The only way to do that is to take the time to make it right. If it’s hastily thrown together it will jeopardize a VERY good thing. I know the fans want it. I believe what they will find is that the documentary has an emotional impact that brings them in even closer to the characters and leads them right into the sequel.

Q – Why the decision to go down the crowd funding route for the doc?

MF – Well, I needed money to do the project. This film was made famous by fans so I turned to them. I was lucky enough to get outside investment and cancel the crowd funding however, the fans have now requested that they still be able to donate and get all the amazing rewards we offered them in the original crowd funding offering.

We made this BEHIND THE MURDER page to allow fans to still donate and get their name in the film. There is even a package that allows you to die in the documentary. The Orphan Killer will actually kill you. It’s expensive because it has to be. We plan to take those packages to the extreme. All donations go to the screen.

Q – What can TOK fans worldwide expect from the doc?

MF – They can expect a very high quality and well thought out look at what it was like to be on the set making the first Orphan Killer movie. They can also expect to see some new psychotic episodes from TOK and star Diane Foster. It is going to be fun. I am going to put in a few interviews from fans, notable horror celebrities, critics, and magazine editors. The documentary will also explode into real life murder of course.

Q – What’s the current status of TOK2? Any word on shooting?

MF – It’s funny. There are so many people out there that are just now finding out about the first film. I think it is still to soon to roll out the sequel. Within the horror realm TOK is regarded as an icon to those that have witnessed his brutality. We are still exposing people to the first film. I highly suggest anyone who does not have it go and get it here on the TOK store. You will be pleased. We have it on Bluray and DVD. All of the discs are region free and come with an awesome Soundtrack. We have never formally released the first film and so the world is catching up to the fame TOK has acquired. I plan to roll out the sequel after the documentary is done. I am in a transitional time right now because I am writing a comic book version of the next installment of The Orphan Killer with Troy Zurel and Shelby Robertson. Both highly skilled and talented artists.

Q – Can you tell us anything about that at this point?

MF – I can say that I have written the second film. The sequels title is TOK: BOUND BY BLOOD. Audrey and Marcus will both be back and the brutality and family violence is stronger than ever. In fact, Audrey is just now awakening. She endured a lot in the first film but still has a few hard lessons to learn before she realizes she too has orphan killer in the bloodline. When she does, the world will be set on fire by The Orphan Killer 2. It’s a bit of riddle but I know the orphan brothers and sisters will understand. The fans of TOK are referred to as The Orphan Brothers and Sisters. A lot of people follow The Orphan Killer Facebook FAN PAGE. It’s like aTOK soap opera on there. He talks to the fans personally in character. Such a psycho.

Thanks Andy for having me back to talk about the new film and doc. It is bloody appreciated. Looking forward to seeing your new short film!

More as it comes.

For more info, check out The Orphan Killer Facebook pageTwitter and, if you want to grab yourself a copy of the film or a replica Marcus Miller mask, check out the TOK store.

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